Simulated Patient Plasma

Core Specificities

Product Name ABO Groups Product Code
MedTEK Anti-D ALL H801
MedTEK Anti-C ALL H802
MedTEK Anti-c ALL H803
MedTEK Anti-E ALL H804
MedTEK Anti-K ALL H807
MedTEK Anti-Fya ALL H810
MedTEK Anti-S ALL H811
MedTEK Anti-Fyb ALL H812
Package Size
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
Antibodies react
≥2+ IAGT
in tube, gel.

Simulated Patient Plasma (SPP) contains IgG antibodies commonly seen in blood banks. This cost-effective, ready-to-use product is suitable for use in test tubes and gel column technologies. All SPPs are Group AB but can easily be converted to Type A, Type B or Type O by the user. One vial each of colorless anti-A and anti-B are supplied with the product to customize the reverse type. The human-sourced materials are standardized to ensure reliable, consistent performance and mimic the experience of testing an actual patient sample.

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These products are not for in vitro diagnostic use and are not FDA cleared.


  • Cost-effective
  • IgG antibodies show 2-3+ reactivity
  • Suitable for gel and tube AGT techniques
  • 2 SPP specificities can be blended
  • Accurately resembles a true patient sample
  • Customizable ABO type
Product Name Product Code Instructions MSDS Brochure
MedTEK Simulated Patient Plasma H801 to H812 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD


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