Simulated Patient Plasma (SPP)

Simulated Patient Plasma (SPP)

We created our Simulated Patient Plasma (SPP) with medical technology student and clinical student laboratories in mind. Our SPP contains IgG antibodies commonly seen in blood banks. MedTEK is sold in high volume quantities to accommodate a large classroom. This cost-effective, ready-to-use product is suitable for use in test tubes and gel column technologies. All SPPs are Group AB but can easily be converted to Type A, Type B or Type O by the user. One vial each of colorless anti-A and anti-B are supplied with the product to customize the reverse type. The human-sourced materials are standardized to ensure reliable, consistent performance and mimic the experience of testing an actual patient sample.

These products are not for in vitro diagnostic use and are not FDA cleared.


  • Cost-effective
  • IgG antibodies show 2-3+ reactivity
  • Suitable for gel and tube AGT techniques
  • 2 SPP specificities can be blended
  • Accurately resembles a true patient sample
  • Customizable ABO type



Core Specificities

Product Name ABO Groups Product Code
MedTEK Anti-D ALL H801
MedTEK Anti-C ALL H802
MedTEK Anti-c ALL H803
MedTEK Anti-E ALL H804
MedTEK Anti-K ALL H807
MedTEK Anti-Fya ALL H810
MedTEK Anti-S ALL H811
MedTEK Anti-Fyb ALL H812
Package Size
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
1 x 75 mL
Antibodies react
≥2+ IAGT
in tube, gel.
Product Name Product Code Instructions MSDS Brochure
MedTEK Simulated Patient Plasma H801 to H812 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD


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