Blood Bank Validation

Blood Bank Validation - Validation and Competency Kit

Hemo bioscience has created a validation kit to be used for test system method validation and competency testing for testing technologists. The kit is meant to be used for manual, automated, and/or semi-automated reverse blood typing, antibody detection/identification, and compatibility testing systems. Our validation kit has been validated for testing with all methods. HB’s kit includes 8 positive samples, and 2 negative samples.

Product Name Product Code Package Size Comments
Validation and Competency Kit H2010 10 x 5 mL Samples for Validation of automated and manual blood bank testing methods

Comparison Chart

Features Immucor® Validation Panel Quotient ALBAcheck® Comptency Testing Kit Hemo bioscience™ Validation and Competency Kit
Ready to use for automation? YES NO YES
IFU indicates suitability for testing on ALL available automated platforms? NO NO YES
Intended for validation testing? YES NO YES
Includes positive and negative samples? NO YES YES
Guidance provided for compatibility testing validation? NO NO YES
Sample Fill Volume? 3 mL 2 mL 5 mL
Open/Closed Vial Stability? 30 days / 24 months 24 months 24 months


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