Eluate Kit

Eluate Kit

Hemo bioscience's ELUclear is a glycine acid red cell elution kit. Its intended use is to dissociate (elute) IgG antibodies from red cell membranes so that they can be identified using standard serological techniques. ELUclear consists of an eluting solution with a pH indicator, a buffering solution and a concentrated wash solution which minimizes early dissociation during the wash phase.

The eluting solution and buffering solution are supplied in color-coded dropper vials for ease of use and to help prevent contamination. For added convenience, we supply a wash bottle in every kit that is used to dilute the wash concentrate. Eluates prepared from ELUclear have been tested and validated using both traditional tube and MTS gel* technologies.




  • Clearly defined endpoint color change.
  • Eluate has been tested and validated with tube and gel techniques.
  • Dropper pipettes supplied to prevent contamination.
  • Color-coded reagent containers eliminate confusion and are easy to use.
  • Wash bottle with fill line allows easy preparation of working wash solution.


*MTS gel is a registered trademark of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.

Product Name Description Product Code Package Size
ELUclear Eluate Kit Glycine acid elution kit for red cells H360 Sufficient for 10 x 1 mL elutions


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